SOLsearcher Enterprise - Online Demonstrations
SOLsearcher Enterprise - System Administration

One of the key strengths of the SOLsearcher™ Enterprise system is its sophisticated management and configuration capabilities. Intuitive yet extremely powerful, the System Manager and Application Database Manager client software modules enable organizations to customize their operating environment quickly and easily.

System Manager

System Manager

The SOLsearcher System Manager provides administrative users (who are assigned to the System Administrator role) with centralized control over the SOLsearcher configuration, and it is where authorized users can open each Application Database Manager.

Application Database Manager

Application Database Manager

An Application Database is a collection of Document Archives (one for each type of PDF file you will index), Storage Classes, and a user/group list that are associated with one database in SQL. Application Databases are created in the System Manager, but each is controlled in its own Application Database Manager.

SOLsearcher Enterprise - User Interface

SOLsearcher™ Enterprise includes a multi-language web client and an Application Programming Interface (API), providing organizations with the flexibility to customize the appearance and functionality of the client to suit their needs, including integration with existing portals.

Users can quickly tailor their own Inbox and Search environment to accommodate individual preferences and workflow needs, maximizing productivity. Recurring search operations can be easily saved, and automated notifications established to alert users when critical information is available.

Rather than re-enter criteria to further refine a search, users can use an intuitive "search within a search" capability to quickly refine a results list. In addition, an easy to navigate results table provides an efficient shortcut to key pieces of data.

Standard Interface

Thin-Client User Interface

Customized thin client GUI utilizing SOLsearcher™ Enterprise and Web Services. This example leverages ASP.NET technology.

Custom Interface

Fully Customized GUI

Customized thin client utilizing SOLsearcher Enterprise's API. This example shows a fully integrated client GUI.

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