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SOLsearcher Enterprise - Solution Overview

Solution OverviewSOLsearcher™ Enterprise is a highly scalable and secure electronic document delivery and web presentment solution that enables organizations to effectively index, store, search and retrieve large collections of transactional and scanned documents. Ideal for B2B and B2C environments.

Designed to complement or replace existing print processes and accelerate decision making, SOLsearcher allows clients to securely access critical business documents and reports instantly via the Web. In addition, its unique email notification system streamlines the distribution of information by informing users when a requested report is available.

SOLsearcher Enterprise - Features and Benefits

Managing the distribution and retrieval of high-volume transactional documents has never been easier. SOLsearcher specifically addresses a number of challenges faced by organizations needing to distribute communications via documents. SOLsearcher offers clients an integrated Enterprise Report Management solution.


  • Customizable inbox
  • Email report notification
  • N-tiered architecture
  • Highly scalable and secure
  • Familiar browser-based GUI
  • Renowned technical support
  • Centralized system administration
  • Export data to .CSV
  • Document assembling feature


  • Advanced search and data mining
  • 100% document fidelity
  • Electronic report distribution
  • Leverage existing infrastructure
  • Web-access reports worldwide
  • Rapid ROI, low TCO
  • Easy to deploy and manage
  • Web Services integration
  • Vendor neutral storage

SOLsearcher is highly scalable and adapts to both department and enterprise environments, as well as print service providers managing output for multiple customers. Common SOLsearcher applications include a variety of critical internal reports and high-volume transactional and/or scanned documents, such as invoices, financial statements, policies, and consumer notices.

SOLsearcher Enterprise - Features and Benefits

SOLsearcher's ability to identify archived data at a job, page and piece level is commonly used to support reprint workflows. For manual reprints, users simply key in the search criteria based on indexed data to pull the needed job, pages, or pieces from the archive. In fully automated reprint workflows SSE's API's are used to submit queries to SSE with the needed job, pages, or pieces that need to be recreated. Automated reprints are often tied into Automated Document Factory (ADF) workflows where the inserters generate exception files indentifying the damaged pieces which is used as the query into SSE to pull the needed mail pieces. SSE can extract the reprint items as individual files or assemble them into single files for printing to the device of choice.

Please watch this SolimarShort™ discussing Solimar's reprint solution.

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