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SOLsearcher Enterprise - System Architecture
SOLsearcher Enterprise - System Architecture Diagram

Managing the distribution and retrieval of high-volume transactional documents has never been easier. SOLsearcher™ Enterprise specifically addresses a number of challenges faced by organizations that need to distribute communications via documents, and when combined with the highly popular Solimar® Print Director™ Enterprise and iCONVERT™ output management systems, SOLsearcher Enterprise offers clients an integrated Enterprise Report Management solution.

SOLsearcher Enterprise is highly scalable and adapts naturally to both department and enterprise environments, as well as print service providers managing output for multiple customers. Common applications for SOLsearcher Enterprise include a variety of critical internal reports and high-volume transactional documents, such as invoices, financial statements, insurance policies, and consumer notices.

SOLsearcher Enterprise - Features and Benefits

Designed to complement existing printing processes, SOLsearcher provides a secure and easy-to-use solution for distributing and accessing critical information via the web. Users can quickly search large amounts of information and display the same document that was previously printed, including identical content, formatting, page boundaries, forms, graphics, and line endings.


  • Customer installable and configurable
  • Installation measured in hours, not months
  • Client API seamlessly integrates with corporate portals


  • Centralized system administration
  • Configurable at both user and group levels
  • Security applied at the file, report, field, or data level


  • Employs vendor-neutral ISO standards
  • Resource management optimized for archiving
  • Supports ad-hoc inquiries and long-term archival needs

Indexing and Searching

  • Sophisticated rule-based indexing capabilities
  • Designed to support multiple document types
  • Unique viewing technologies optimized for the web


  • Modular, enterprise scalable design
  • Simple to deploy, manage, and support
  • Leverages industry standard technologies
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