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System Components

SOLsearcher™ Enterprise is comprised of six separate server components. The server components can be distributed across several systems as required, providing maximum scalability and redundancy.

SOLsearcher Enterprise offers IT organizations an "N-tiered" architecture with intuitive configuration utilities. With its centralized system administration, SOLsearcher Enterprise is easy to deploy and manage, and it is backed by Solimar's renowned support team.


  • Monitor Server

    Automates the submission of files to the system for indexing and storage.

  • Request Server

    Manages indexing criteria, security information and file storage. Also performs client authentication, communicates with other system components and receives files for indexing.

  • Index Server

    Performs indexing on files that have been submitted to the Request Server and creates the necessary document archives.

  • Database Server

    Hosts Microsoft® SQL and establishes the database containing all of the index information for each document in the system.

  • Document Server

    Generates and dynamically presents search results each time a query is performed, with links to the segments of the applicable document.

    Document Assembler Module

    Optional add-on to the Document Server Module that compiles multiple documents, from various archives, into one.

  • Web Server

    Communicates with client computers and the Request Server to process client activities. The Web Server runs on Microsoft® IIS, a free component of Windows Server 2003.

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